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Drone Video Services & Aerial Photography

The Drone Dude is an independent drone company based in London which offers drone video services.  We specialise in capturing aerial footage perfect for featured promotional films, sporting events or music videos.  After accessing your unique project, we can fit you with the right equipment and professional operators.

With every client we work with, we strive to meet the demands of all film production briefs. We can offer our clients unique aerial video and photography opportunities. day and night. We are licensed to fly at altitudes of 400ft (120m) and are fully insured.

Aerial film made beautiful

Drone aerial filming has created a range of new possibilities for many brands and businesses. Drones are providing incredible new perspectives for both photography and aerial footage. The ability to capture cinematic aerial footage and photography is allowing brands to further differentiate their content.  Our drone video services are enabling many brands to create content once reserved only for companies with access to helicopters. As part of our drone video services, all our drones are capable of creating ultra-smooth, cinematic footage shot at up to a 4k resolution.

Drone Video Services

Drone Services

We are partnered with DevilBoy Productions, a video and motion graphics production company with experience in a number of sectors including corporate, travel / tourism and fashion. As part of our services we can offer a complete end to end end production to our clients. Our office is based in London and we can offer video or photography services anywhere in the UK or abroad.

If you or your business requires a licensed drone operator, get in touch to hear more about our competitive drone video services. Click on any of the images below for additional information.

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