Aerial wedding videography

When you are planning on recording a wedding video on your big day, there is now an opportunity that you may not have considered. More and more couples are beginning to add aerial video to their wedding video thanks to advances in drone technology. It is more affordable than you might expect, and can add a stunning new dimension to the recording of your big day.

Arranging a drone to capture the perfect aerial footage for your wedding video

There are a few things you must put in place before you can add stunning aerial shots to your wedding video:competitive as drone technology continues to advance. Make sure you have the following:

  • Insurance – Always use a licensed drone operator, who has the proper insurance cover in place in case anything goes wrong.
  • Know the limitations of a drone. They may be at the cutting edge of technology, but you do not want one flying close to your guests and they can be noisy. Use them to their advantages for aerial shots.
  • Plan, plan, plan: Drones run on batteries and have a limited range. The pilot will need sufficient battery to capture all the shots, and you can help him prepare for this by carefully planning out the shots together beforehand.
  • It may sound obvious, but you must have permission from the venue before flying a drone over it. The vicar might not want machinery hovering over his delicate church roof! Check local regulations too so you do not fall foul of the law.
  • Finally, stick to long shots. Close ups could end in disaster.


Here is a useful guide to using a drone as part of aerial wedding videography.

Advantages of using drones in aerial wedding videography

Why have a drone as part of the camera setup to capture your wedding video?

  • Dramatic shots are possible of the venue, or the location – especially if you are marrying in a picturesque location by a mountain or a lake. This gives a cinematic feel to the video.
  • Increased vantage points – drones can reach places that a camera operator cannot. You can take advantage of their versatility to make your wedding video stand out from the crowd.

Drones offer the ability to capture stunning aerial photography and videography but shouldn’t necessarily replace a ground team of videographers and photographers. However, photos and video captured by drones can offer an extra dimension of stunning material. Adding a drone camera to your setup can really make your wedding video take off!

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