Unless you’re at the forefront of drone racing or are a professional drone mapper, you probably don’t get the chance to fly your drone nearly as often as you’d like. Perhaps it’s strictly an evenings or weekends pursuit. Many of us have to look longingly at our drone as it sits in the corner collecting dust until we have enough time to release it from its cage and take it for a spin.

They say entrepreneurs see opportunity in the most difficult situations and that is exactly what some savvy drone pilots are beginning to do. With the help of Fat Lama, a peer to peer rental marketplace for your ‘stuff’, drone pilots are lending out their drones to other people whilst they’re not using them. This means that your drone could be out making you money instead of sitting idle at home. Since drones aren’t cheap, being able to rent them out is a great way to recoup some of their cost.

Calling All Drone-preneurs

You don’t have to be a Mark Zuckerberg or Donald Trump to take advantage and start making money – which is lucky. Fat Lama is open to anyone 16 and over in the UK. Craig is no Warren Buffet (sorry Craig) but he’s still managing to make hundreds of pounds a month lending out his DJI Mavic Pro on Fat Lama:

“Work is pretty full on during the week so I only really fly my Mavic on weekends which means Monday to Friday I can rent it out to people who want to borrow it. There hasn’t been a week since I’ve had it on Fat Lama that it hasn’t been rented out for at least a day. I always like hearing what people get up to when they’re renting it. One guy said he was shooting a music video with it for his band, which was pretty cool.”

Why James Hired A Drone From Fat Lama

Peer-to-peer rental marketplaces don’t only benefit those of us who are lucky enough to already be drone owners. Perhaps you want to see what all the fuss is about or you’ve always had your eye on a drone but aren’t sure if it’s for you? Fat Lama is a cost-efficient way of trying before you buy. Maybe you’re a freelancer who’s been eyeing up a drone for your next project but can’t justify stumping up the cash to buy a drone for only limited use, like James who needed a drone for a filming job.


James on Fat Lama: “For freelancers it means that we’re able to get the highest standard of equipment to use with clients. It means we can do higher quality work sooner, as the cost of some of the best equipment is too much for freelancers to take.”

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