What are the three production processes in a drone film shoot? All successful drone film shoots will incorporate stages of pre-production, production and post-production. This will include a clear understanding of camera shots and subjects to film. Also, a highlight of any potential flight restrictions in advance will reduce any headaches on the day of the film shoot.  Below are the three main production processes involved in any drone production.


Planning will enable all participants to identify opportunities which could enhance the video-making process. Additionally, this phase can also be used to look at threats which could harm the production. For example, it may not be possible to film a preferred location due to air traffic restrictions and crowds. Each country will have its own set of laws which the drone production company must acknowledge.

Once an initial review of the flying site takes place, planning aerial shots based on a storyboard can be very useful. A typical storyboard will identify key camera shots essential to the overall production. As part of the pre-planning process, a drone production company may choose to recce a site. A recce may include a series of pre-flights and a review of the ground space using google maps. Recces will give any drone production company a better idea of the space.


Production starts the moment drone filming takes place. During this process, the drone will record camera shots highlighted in the pre-production process. Drones have limitations on flight times due to batteries restrictions. Therefore, a full day of work for a drone operator will include a series of flights. It won’t be possible to keep a drone in the air for the entire day. Drone production companies will work in either one of two person crews. A two-person crew will allow one operator to do the flying while the other operates the camera.


Post-production is where the footage all comes together. All filmed aerial drone footage will be handed over to the post-production team for video editing.  The post-production process is where all the filmed material will be put together forming the overall story. Also, music and graphics may be added. If the drone production company is not responsible for the final edit, they will hand over any of the agreed filmed footage.

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