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Drone sports video and photography

Sporting Events

Some of life’s most intense sporting activities deserve to be filmed. Our drone sports video will capture beautiful and remarkable sporting footage perfect for your event. As well as our adequate preparation, our creative team will work with your company to ensure all expectations of your event are met. Best of all, our drones are non-intrusive and can record stunning film without becoming a distraction. The Drone Dude offers the following as part of our drone sports video services:

  • We are licensed to fly 400 feet and can apply for permissions to fly higher if required. 400 feet allows us to record stunning aerial footage and take pictures of beautiful photos. We can also fly lower keeping a closer eye on the ground action and surroundings.
  • Our drone sports video services will provide your event with an advantage over other competitors who are not using aerial footage as part of their marketing campaign.
  • Reduce money spent by using drones opposed to helicopters. We can record drone sporting footage at a fraction of the price.

Interested in a quote for our drone sport video services? Please email us at info@thedronedude.co.uk or fill out our contact form for further information.

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