6 Tips for your Drone Wedding Video

Your wedding day is the most special of your lives. A once in a lifetime day deserves to be commemorated in a unique way: have you thought about a drone wedding video?

When you take the decision to add drone wedding video footage to your record of the day, there are some key points to consider:

1 Pick your pilot

You must use a licenced operator with insurance cover. It’s against the law for a drone pilot to earn money from flying a drone unless they have the appropriate flying permissions.

2 Check permissions

A responsible drone pilot will need to make sure drones are allowed to fly at your venue. Make sure they confirm this to you. It may not be possible to fly a drone due to restrictions on the land or relating to the building, so it is vital that you check this first.

3 How high?

The say the sky is the limit but your drone wedding video does have limits: Drone pilots must abide by restrictions on how high a drone can be flown. In the UK, the maximum height is 400 feet. This will be high enough for most purposes. Operators can fly at higher heights, but they first need permission to do so from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Drone Wedding Video

4 Planning, planning, planning

You’re planning your wedding meticulously, and the same goes for your drone wedding video. Try and arrange in advance the types of shots and footage you would like to achieve. You only get one chance to film your special day. It will help if your drone pilot can visit the venue in advance so that beautiful landscape shots can be planned into the film.

5 Teamwork

Drone pilots and your ground-based wedding photographer or videographer need to work together as a team to marry up the footage they shoot. The last thing you will want is for the drone to appear in the background of key shots! You should encourage all of those involved with taking photography or video to work together.

6 Don’t let a drone become a distraction

The best drone pilots can fly at a distance while obtaining great shots and stunning footage. Getting close to the subject matter may sound like a great idea, but drones can be noisy. Worst of all, there have been incidents of drones crashing into people and buildings. Don’t put the big day at risk! If you would like to have more intimate close-up shots, a drone like the DJI Inspire Pro 1 or 2 can have different lenses added to achieve this without putting people at risk. Cheaper drones will not have this option.

Mark the day with a drone wedding video

Drone wedding video footage can really add to the precious memories of your special day. Make proper plans, and the sky will be the limit!

If you are looking for a licensed pilot feel free to get in contact by clicking here. We’d be happy talk about how we can help.

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