As a global society we normally welcome every piece of new technology we can get our hands on. This incudes smartphones, robot vacuums and every type of streaming service available. We are avid consumers and we love just about everything new and shiny. Except for drones that is, for some strange reason these flying cameras have some of us seriously confused. Some concerned citizens feel like it is a breach of privacy, but not the fashion industry. Unlike the worriers in the world, fashion houses, designers and event co coordinators are snapping up these incredible pieces of technology . They are opening up their arms and embracing the benefits that come with using these drones.

From fashion brand Betabrand replacing runway models with drones at Silicon Valley Fashion Week to capturing shows from angels most photographers couldn’t even imagine, drones are the hottest trend in fashion. By welcoming change and technology not only have those in the fashion industry brought some much needed attention to their designs but also opened up a whole new world of exploration for them. They now have the chance to get footage of their shows from the sky, can someone say excellent advertising? One of the main focuses for a creative director of a fashion house is to drum up conversation about the upcoming line. This helps to really get people interested in what they’re showing so by releasing their pre-show vision in the form of a drone captured video is pure genius.

Aside from that though, it also allows the person controlling the drone to really be in the thick of everything. Traditional fashion photographers have rules and regulations on how close they can be to the runway. Using drones operated by fashion houses changes this game and offers endless capabilities.

Drones allow controllers to take images and footage from points where it would be dangerous for a human photographer. For example, drones can take great aerial photos from a rooftop or edge of a cliff. There are so many options, tech geniuses over at Geek Goes Chic even suggested using the drones to deliver the garments to customers! With a minimal set up time and the probability for human error pushed down to a minimum drones seem like a perfect fit for the fashion industry.

While some people might be a little put off by replacing drones with living models, the fashion industry has really shown us what is possible when technology and people work together cohesively.

Drones are one of the most advanced technologies readily available to consumers today. By using them as a tool to better lives rather than assuming everyone is using them to spy on you (nobody wants to see you taking out the garbage, relax) you will really be able to reap the benefits.

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  • evlyn camp

    Very interesting information

    • Nigel Camp

      While drones can capture great aerial footage, they are going to offer many interesting uses.

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