In an increasingly competitive housing market, sellers are always looking out for new ways to make their property stand out. One of the ways that an estate agent can make properties stand out from the crowd is through the use of aerial photography. Already taking off in the United States, the discerning estate agent in the UK can get a head start by using drones to view properties from a whole new angle.


When a property is of architectural significance; has a large area of land or well-presented garden; or is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty it can be hard to convey to potential buyers. Drone photography allows the estate agent to combine ground shots and aerial photography into an attractive and modern video sequence that really works to attract interest in a home. As well as video, drones are able to capture outstanding still photographs from a unique perspective.

Aerial drone photography offers a number of advantages to the estate agent:

  • It can give potential buyers a more accurate perception of the property from the sky (through both video and photos)
  • Estate agents have traditionally relied on still photography from ground level. A drone’s ability to fly up to 400ft (125m) – which is the maximum operating height allowed by the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK) – can offer outstanding views
  • The use of drone photography can differentiate an estate company from others who are still just using traditional ground photos by giving a unique selling point.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. If the production is made well, it can make the difference in how quickly a home is sold in an increasingly competitive market

By using drone videography an estate agent is able to place a home in its context. It is easier to convey how the property fits into the neighbourhood. Research has found that homes advertised with aerial images sell 68 per cent faster than those without. What’s more, almost three quarters of home owners would choose to sell their home through an agency which used video footage if given the choice.

If you are interested in filming a property from the air, then make sure you contact us here at TheDroneDude for more details and a quote. We have expertise in aerial photography and can take care of everything, including obtaining the appropriate clearances.

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