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Footage recorded from beautiful vantage points

Aerial film and drone photography are fast becoming a key asset in the travel tourism industry. Drones acting as cameras in the sky can capture stunning vantage points that may have only been possible before by using a helicopter. Aerial drone footage may just be that factor that would convince a family or individual to visit your hotel or tourism site.

Using state of the art drones capable of recording in 4K, we are happy to work alongside an existing production team. Also, we are happy to partner up with your marketing team to ensure that your brief is achieved.  The Drone Dude offers the following as part of our drone video services:

  • Record stunning aerial footage of a landmark or tourism activity
  • Film footage that will easily complement any existing project
  • Reduce project costs and complexity of shoot using a drone versus a helicopter
  • Take beautiful aerial shots of a landmark destination
  • Carefully prepare any aerial film work as part of the pre-planning stage. This will allow us to best capture the desired footage.

Interested in a quote or talking more about how our drone video services can assist in a travel and tourism project? Please email us at info@thedronedude.co.uk or fill out our contact form for further information.

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